Small business owners from across Texas are speaking out against local regulations that make it difficult to create jobs and grow their businesses. The following quotes are real-life testimonials from Texas business owners who believe in ASSET’s mission of fighting back against burdensome, California-style regulations.

“Private business isn’t ‘one size fits all’.  Compensation and benefit packages have traditionally been the method by which business’ gain a competitive edge and distinguish themselves from the competition.  This is the major difference between public and private business.”

“This mandate is a game changer for our business.  If we are forced to comply with the paid sick leave mandate, we will be forced to cut wages, hours or benefits. Currently we offer Medical, dental, vision, life insurance, LT Disability, 401K and Profit Sharing. This is unprecedented in the service industry. Is paid time off really more important than health care or employees saving for the future?”

“The reason I’ve been able to survive nearly two decades of running a retail business is I understand HOW to run and manage my business.  I have done this by being fiscally conservative and understanding and responding to business trends in my industry. My financial structure is the result of market-driven conditions and not because anyone forced me to do the “right thing”.  My first responsibility to my employees is to STAY IN BUSINESS – and no one understands how to do that better than me. If I am a lousy employer, then I would not maintain employees necessary to run my business. By allowing private business to run their own business – they have everything to gain – and everything to lose.”

“Although I understand the desire for every worker to have some paid time off, it’s simply not financially sustainable given wage and benefit packages in today’s economy.”

“Our locally owned and operated business pays a starting wage well above the state minimum of $7.25/hour (by 125%) for its entry level employees.  We have much higher wages for those willing to be trained to lead.”

“The current San Antonio referendum is focused solely on wages – even though businesses have many other key performance indicators to measure.  To concentrate on one metric assumes the other measurables are insignificant or invalid to the bigger picture. Businesses that are successful must focus on the business as a whole – NOT one segment of its financial responsibility.”

“The group proposing the paid sick leave referendum and the San Antonio City Council voting to approve the referendum for November’s ballot are both exempt from paying the benefit they are convinced others need to offer.  If this is seen as a necessary benefit – why isn’t everyone forced to comply?”

“Interference and mandates from people outside their area of expertise is a bit like me trying to tell the government or school districts how to conduct their business. It’s nonsensical for someone who doesn’t understand a business to dictate how that business should be run. It’s like asking my young children to help with a family budget when they don’t know the family’s household income.”

“If this referendum is put out to the voters, small business is now being dictated by the people it serves.  At present, if a consumer (in this case, also a voter) doesn’t want to do business with me, they don’t have to.  That’s why they call it free enterprise. If the precedent is set that anyone OUTSIDE my business – can dictate TO my business, then I don’t have a free enterprise at all.  When people who don’t understand the financial demands of my business – get to impose added expenses to my business, then there is no longer a need (or desire) for me to run my business.  “