• June 3, 2021

Business Alliance Reacts to Demise of Senate Bill 14

Business Alliance Reacts to Demise of Senate Bill 14

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(AUSTIN, May 31, 2021) — The Texas economy suffered a significant blow Sunday with the failure to pass Senate Bill 14, which would have prohibited a city or county from adopting any policy that exceeds or conflicts with federal or state law related to employment leave, hiring practices, employment benefits or scheduling practices.

Annie Spilman, spokeswoman for the Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas, released the following statement:

“The past year has been absolutely brutal on Texas businesses. Tens of thousands of businesses have closed while countless others used every tool at their disposal just to keep their doors open. The economic damage caused by the COVID pandemic has not only affected business owners, but also hundreds of thousands of employees and communities across Texas that have lost pieces of their identity with every business that shut its doors.

“The Texas business community came into the legislative session optimistic that our elected representatives would recognize these unexpected, unprecedented conditions and take the simple-but-needed step of easing the burden of local mandates on private employers. Right now, the patchwork of local regulations that exists in Texas makes it more difficult for businesses to operate and create jobs. Legislators including Sen. Brandon Creighton and Rep. Phil King worked diligently with their colleagues from both parties on Senate Bill 14, a targeted solution that would provide the regulatory consistency our economy needs — just as many states have done. Unfortunately, this legislation did not receive the final vote of support it needed from the Texas House.

“The patchwork of regulations that will continue to exist in Texas is a drag on our economy. If our elected leaders truly want this to be the country’s best state to operate a business and create jobs, these onerous local mandates on private employers need attention. For the sake of our state’s economic well-being, we hope Governor Abbott adds regulatory consistency to the issues legislators can act on in a special session. Otherwise, our current regulatory framework will be just another obstacle facing the private-sector employers and employees who make the Texas economy work.”


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