• May 26, 2020

#TXBusinessCares: QJumpers

#TXBusinessCares: QJumpers

1024 512 ASSET – Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas

ASSET is highlighting the good work of businesses across the Lone Star State that are stepping up to serve their communities and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of our #TXBusinessCares series. Many thanks to QJumpers for sharing its story. 

QJumpers is in the people business. We help job seekers and employers connect in a more streamlined, less complicated way through our platform. We are relatively new to Texas, only having been here a little over a year. Our home base is New Zealand, and when we looked at expanding into the United States, Texas was an easy decision and an excellent fit. We did a lot of research, and North Texas specifically stood out to us because of its phenomenal growth, the number of companies that are here and the culture of the area.

QJumpers is a small business, so we’ve felt the effects of this pandemic just like everybody else. And like everybody else, we are focused on the future. We wanted to think about what we could do to really help in our new home state and help the people who have been affected economically by the pandemic. 

We know this crisis won’t last forever. When it’s over and business returns to the new normal, there will be an unprecedented number of job applicants flooding the market to find work based on the unemployment numbers that have been seen across the state. The sheer number of applications will be overwhelming for employers of all sizes, in addition to the myriad health and safety issues they will continue to deal with. The last thing companies need is for the hiring process to get bogged down because hiring managers simply cannot handle the volume of applicants they receive. That’s where we knew we could be helpful.

QJumpers is providing our applicant tracking system plus implementation for free to any company that wants to use it. The system has tremendous functionality that not only helps job candidates, but also helps hiring managers, recruiters and human resources managers keep track of applicants’ qualifications and resumes, schedule interviews and send out automated notifications. It helps identify the best qualified candidates for the job and can move them through the entire hiring and onboarding process seamlessly.

We know people aren’t hiring right now, but they hopefully will be in the next few months. In order to get as many Texans back to work as quickly as possible, we want to help companies prepare now, so they are ready when the time comes. We understand people aren’t in a position to spend money on software right now, nor should they. There are so many bigger priorities, like keeping folks on payroll and keeping their doors open. As a company, that’s why QJumpers decided if someone needs the software, it’s theirs. Just let us know. We’re going to start offering weekly overview demos because we want to make the process as easy as possible for people to decide if it would help.

We are all looking forward to getting back to business as usual and we hope this piece can help get Texas jobs back up and running again as quickly as possible when the time comes.