• November 22, 2019

Judge Puts Hold on Overreaching San Antonio Sick Leave Policy

Judge Puts Hold on Overreaching San Antonio Sick Leave Policy

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AUSTIN—State District Judge Peter Sakai has issued a hold on San Antonio’s overreaching sick leave policy, agreeing that it violates the Texas Constitution by mandating that employers provide more than what is required by Texas’ minimum wage law. The ordinance was set to go into effect December 1.

“We are pleased that Judge Sakai stood up for San Antonio employers by putting a stop to this burdensome and overreaching sick leave mandate,” ASSET Spokeswoman Annie Spilman said. “Not only do these piecemeal ordinances make it difficult to do business in multiple Texas cities, but they are unconstitutional. We are hopeful the courts will continue to side with Texas job creators and put an end to this growing web of red tape.”

“This is a huge victory for small business owners who know better than anyone how to hire and care for their workers,” Texas Association of Business President and CEO Jeff Moseley said. “TAB salutes the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and San Antonio business leaders in winning today’s ruling.”

The cities of Austin and Dallas have also passed sick leave ordinances that are tied up in the courts. Austin’s is awaiting a hearing at the Texas Supreme Court, and its implementation has been delayed. Dallas’ ordinance took effect in August and is awaiting a hearing in federal district court. ASSET members are involved in all three of these lawsuits.