• September 3, 2019

ASSET Signs on to Amicus Brief in Dallas Paid Sick Leave Challenge

ASSET Signs on to Amicus Brief in Dallas Paid Sick Leave Challenge

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Contact: Annie Spilman


Sept. 3, 2019


ASSET Signs on to Amicus Brief in Dallas Paid Sick Leave Challenge


AUSTIN—Members of the Alliance for Securing and Strengthening the Economy in Texas (ASSET) representing almost every industry in the state, along with other North Texas economic development organizations, have signed on to an amicus brief filed by the Dallas Regional Chamber in support of the lawsuit challenging the city of Dallas’ unconstitutional paid sick leave ordinance.

“The paid sick leave policy mandated by the city of Dallas isn’t just an overreaching job killer, it is unconstitutional,” ASSET Spokeswoman Annie Spilman said. “Job creators representing almost every industry in Texas have joined together to oppose this web of red tape that affects anyone with employees in Dallas, whether or not their business is located in the city limits.”

“The Dallas Paid Sick Leave Ordinance creates inconsistent regulations, confusion, and unnecessary complications for employers (including the Chamber) and employees across the Dallas region and state of Texas, which deters continued growth. The one size-fits all approach mandated in the Ordinance regarding the record-keeping and method of calculating paid sick leave is not practical for businesses currently operating in the region,” the amicus brief states. “The Chamber is also concerned that the Ordinance violates the Constitutional rights of various employers, employees and businesses. The far-reaching consequences of the Ordinance threaten economic sustainability, business attraction and growth in the Dallas region.”

The amicus brief was signed by the following ASSET coalition members:

American Staffing Association

Associated Builders and Contractors of Texas

Associated General Contractors—Texas Building Branch


Real Estate Councils of Texas

Texas Apartment Association

Texas Association of Builders

Texas Association of Business

Texas Association of Manufacturers

Texas Construction Association

Texas Food and Fuel Association

Texas Hotel and Lodging Association

Texas Nursery and Landscape Association

Texas Restaurant Association (The Restaurant Law Center)

Texas Retailers Association

Texas Society for Human Resource Management

Texas Travel Industry Association

Theater Owners of Mid-America

ASSET is a non-profit coalition of job creation organizations that fights for policies that fuel the engines of our economy and protect Texas businesses from invasive and burdensome government regulations. ASSET collectively represents millions of employers and employees in the Lone Star State who believe employment and business operational decisions are best left to private employers, not government. For more information, please visit www.assettexas.com.